Warner K Varno

Originally from Central New York, Warner K Varno is a Central New York based Master Teaching Artist and creator of Time for Art, a fine art enrichment program in drawing, paintings and mixed media for students of all ages. 

In 2012 Warner created a Master Teaching Artist Residency Program in San Ysidro, CA for San Diego public schools.  Over the last several years Warner has found the San Diego area to be particularly fertile aesthetic ground for the growth of her artwork and has produced several bodies of work there. While living in a variety of locations, Warner finds that nature is a constant source of inspiration.  Allowing her personal artwork to be influenced by location, environment and travels, her art is infused with a feeling and spirit of the time and place in which it is painted, drawn, inked or assembled. Her artwork leans toward illustration, telling a variety of “stories;” body stories intermingled with stories of the human experience and the natural shifts of personal identity and place. 

Some of themes show up through the use of human anatomy, architectural drawings, birds and nests.  Nineteenth century wallpapers and textile designs are also incorporated into her work like a kind of overgrown garden, a swirling, whirling garden filled with movement, color and change.  Cycles of birth, life and death and the fundamental, often visceral expedience of being human are planted within these gardens of change.  Warner pays homage to life’s remnants, an archaeological dig of sorts, of the  composites that we become, of our individual stories, manifesting in a celebration and acceptance of life itself.  

In 2011, following the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan, Warner initiated a fundraising project called The Japan Birds Project, culminating in the painting of 100 small scale bird and flower paintings.  TJBP has grown into a viable fundraiser helping to support student artists in her fine art enrichment programs to receive scholarships.  See The Japan Birds Project on Facebook.  Warner has exhibited in New York, Colorado and California and has initiated an MFA in Visual Arts through Goddard College.

Warner K. Varno has studied fine art formally since 1992 and taught visual art at all levels for almost twenty years.  She maintained a studio in Denver, Colorado and taught visual art as a Master Teaching Artist in tandem with creating her own artwork as a professional artist, exhibiting in New York, California and Colorado.